Please follow these guidelines the day before your surgery to ensure that your procedure goes smoothly:

  • Notify your surgeon before coming to the center if there is any change in your physical condition, or you develop a cough, sore throat, fever, or medication change.
  • You will be contacted twice by a member of the Union County Surgery Center’s nursing staff. The first call will be to obtain a brief medical history and to give you instructions, the second call will be to give you your arrival time. If you will be unavailable for the 1st call please call the Union County Surgery Center and arrange to speak with a nurse. (If we have not contacted you the day prior to your surgery, please call (908) 688-2700). Please check your phone messages for an arrival time.
  • Please request that all lab results and medical clearance from your physician’s office be forwarded to us at least 72 hours prior to your procedure. Our fax # is (908) 688-7424. Bring all your insurance cards and your photo id. If doctor has requested, bring any x-rays, reports or MRI with you to the Union County Surgery Center.
  • The night before your surgery you may eat a light snack before 10:00 p.m. Do not drink or eat anything after midnight not even coffee or water. This will reduce the possibility of nausea and vomiting following anesthesia. You may brush your teeth, remembering not to swallow anything. Refrain from the use of mints, chewing gum or cigarettes. Failure to follow these instructions may result in cancellation of your surgery.
  • Please do not take any medication after midnight unless instructed by your physician or the Union County Surgery Center. If you are diabetic or on blood pressure or heart medication, obtain specific instructions from your physician or contact the Union County Surgery Center.
  • If you take herbal supplements and / or vitamins, stop usage 1 week before surgery.

After Your Surgery

When your procedure is over, you will be taken to the recovery area, where you will be monitored. As the anesthesia wears off, you may be re-joined by a family member or escort. You will be offered a beverage and a light snack. After you are fully recovered you will be able to return home.

Before you leave the Union County Surgery Center, you will be given written discharge instructions which will be reviewed with you by a nurse.

After you have returned home, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders regarding diet, rest, medication and activity. Unless directed otherwise, you should start your diet with clear liquids and gradually add other foods to your diet. It is not unusual to feel a little sleepy, light headed or dizzy for several hours after your procedure.

Do not sign any important papers or make any significant decisions for at least 24 hours.

You will be given a patient survey asking for your feedback about your experience at the Union County Surgery Center. Please complete and return the survey, as your comments help us to continually improve the service we provide to patients.

A nurse from the Union County Surgery Center will phone you the next working day after your surgery.

Please do not drive a car, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or operate machinery or exercise for 24 hours after surgery.

If you have any questions or problems after surgery, refer to your discharge instructions, contact your doctor directly, or if you have an emergency, proceed to your nearest hospital.